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Asset Searches

There are several reasons individuals and businesses utilize CIA, LLC to conduct their asset searches. The main reason is, if the assets are there, we can locate them. CIA, LLC will be able to locate and identify bank accounts, stock portfolios, vehicles and vessels, real property and business entities associated with the subject both domestic and abroad. Whether you are going to court or have already gone we can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.

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Background Investigations

Background investigations are conducted for many reasons, but the main reason is to verify information and get the facts that you deserve to know. Whether you are newly dating someone or a family member has a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether you are in the market for a new employee or have suspicions of a current employee. The list goes on and the reasons vary, but you deserve to know the truth.


Camera Installation/Rentals

There are several reasons individuals and businesses utilize CIA, LLC to install their camera/ camera systems. Most frequently, individuals and businesses contact us to determine what activities are taking place when they are not around. We have cameras to blend into any situation. There are hidden cameras available that are pre-installed into a wide variety of commonly household and office items. There are also day/night surveillance camera systems available.

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Cheating Partner

There are several reasons individuals utilize CIA, LLC to conduct investigations concerning their relationship, but the main reason is to verify suspicions and to get the facts they deserve to know. If the signs are there, we usually confirm your suspicions! Get the proof you need. We will meet with you for a FREE CONSULTATION to develop a customized game plan in order to obtain the answers you deserve.


Child Abuse/Neglect

Child abuse/ neglect is one area that cannot be overlooked. If you suspect something is wrong, you need to follow up with CIA, LLC on this matter. It is better to be safe, rather than sorry. When we meet at the FREE CONSULTATION, we will develop a game plan together to conduct the investigation with all the child's best interest and safety in mind.

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Child Custody

There are several reasons individuals utilize CIA, LLC to conduct child custody investigations, but the main reason is to ensure the child's safety. CIA, LLC will gather and document all pertinent information relating to the case to ensure the courts have the information needed to make informed decisions.


Civil investigations

There are several different types of civil investigations that CIA, LLC conduct for individuals and businesses. Some of the most common forms of civil investigations are Asset Searches, Background Checks, Domestic Investigations, Marital Investigations, Missing Persons, Personal Injury investigations and workers' compensation investigations. Whether you are going to court or have already gone, we can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.

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Computer Forensics

Computer forensic investigations pertain to Legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. Whether you are going to court, or just need to know, we can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.


Consulting Services

Consulting services are designed to help you prepare for and/or prevent certain situations that could be very detrimental to you and/or your business. Confidential Investigative Agency, LLC will be able to give you and/or your company solid, straightforward, Logical advice to best suit your needs.

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Business Meeting

Corporate Intelligence

There are several reasons businesses utilize CIA, LLC to conduct their business investigations. Most frequently, businesses contact CIA, LLC to conduct Corporate Intelligence investigations, areas concerning Loss Prevention, Employee Misconduct, Pre-Employment Screening (see also Background investigations), Secret Shopper Evaluations, Sexual Harassment in the workplace investigations, illegal drugs in the work place, Trademark violations, and Workplace violence investigations. We examine, evaluate, and investigate a wide range of resources to assist our clients in making effective business decisions, and avoid unnecessary risks.



Counter-Surveillance investigations are processes that can prevent, locate, identify and, in most cases, trace the origin of surveillance equipment.

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Criminal Investigations

Have you been accused of a crime that you didn't commit? Is there a crime taking place as we speak? CIA, LLC is willing and able to devote as much time as is needed and has the resources to solve your case.


Database Services

We have access to billions of records and thousands of sources. Searches can be performed several ways including full or partial name, full or partial plate numbers and phone numbers. Searches by SSN'S produce the best results. Our searches include information such as address/ property information, civil and criminal records, motor vehicles, phone searches including cell phones, unlisted and unpublished numbers along with several other searches available.

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Crime Scene Investigation

DNA Analysis

DNA analysis is most commonly requested to determine paternity or maternity or to prove innocence or guilt in criminal proceedings. We have affordable and discreet ways to test.


Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations generally refer to investigations pertaining to individuals and personal issues. The most common domestic investigations are infidelity Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, Child Abuse, Elderly Abuse, Drug Abuse and Background investigation When these situations occur in your life good, solid information is key to moving forward.

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Due Diligence.jpg

Due Diligence

If you are contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, a merger or going through corporate restructuring, you need to protect your current and future intellectual property. Find out who you are dealing with! Don't Lose what you have worked so hard to build.


Elderly Abuse

Elderly abuse happens to thousands and thousands of elderly Americans every year. Elderly abuse can happen in their own homes, in their relative's homes and in institutions designed to assist and care for the same individuals. The most common forms of elderly abuse are financially driven, emotional, and physical. It is a crime and should not happen but the truth of the matter is that it does happen. The elderly deserves our help in protecting them from these criminals!

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Electronic Detection/Surveillance

There are several reasons individuals and businesses alike utilize CIA, LLC for their electronic surveillance and detection needs. But the main reason is, CIA, LLC utilizes the top of the line, up-to-date equipment to fulfill all your electronic surveillance needs.


Executive Protection

There are several reasons individuals and businesses alike utilize CIA, LLC for their executive protection needs, but the main reason is knowing they are safe, secure and in the best hands. We understand how sensitive these types of cases are and utilize the most discrete and confidential methods around.

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General Investigations.jpg

General Investigations

There are many types of investigations but sometimes a case does not fall into a specific category. That is where general investigations come into play. If you do not see a service that suits your needs call and we will conduct a FREE evaluation to design a customized game plan to fit your needs and solve your case in the most cost-effective way possible.


Identity Theft/Fraud

Identity theft is a serious crime, affecting millions of people every year; causing billions of dollars of damage. If it has already happened to you, don't let it continue. Take control now and stop them from destroying your identity and your future. Don't let yourself be a victim any longer. CIA, LLC will work hand in hand with you to restore and protect and your wellbeing. If you are ready to be protected, CIA, LLC will help you stay in control of your identity.

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Insurance Investigations.jpg

Insurance Investigations

Some of the most common forms of insurance fraud are car Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance and worker's Compensation Fraud. Let confidential Investigative Agency, LLC determine if someone is filing a false claim. CIA, LLC has the experience to determine the validity and ability to gather all pertinent evidence to suit your needs.


Loss Prevention

Also known as asset protection generally refers to investigations containing check fraud, credit card fraud, embezzlement, and shoplifting. We have the experience and ability to identify and reduce the amount of Loss.

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Employee Misconduct.jpg

Employee Misconduct

There are several types of misconduct. Some common forms of employee misconduct are the intentional breaking of company rules and fraud against the company. Employee misconduct can leave your company vulnerable. Take action now!


Missing Persons

Missing persons and adoption services help reconnect people. Are you looking for a loved one? Did someone run away? Is someone special in your life missing? Are you adopted? Did you put a child up for adoption? Do you need to find someone that owes you money? Has the case gone cold? Missing persons could mean many things It could mean someone has runaway, has been abducted or simply has not been in contact with you in a long time and you don't know how to get in touch anymore. We do not have to wait for a certain amount of time before someone is considered "Missing." Let us find that certain someone for you.

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Personal Injury.jpg

Personal Injury

We gather the facts involved with personal injury cases to assist legal teams prior to going to trial.



The most common requested services pertaining to photography is related to crime scene evidence. Proper chain of custody and proper techniques are essential to maintaining admissible evidence.

Pre-Employment Screening.jpg

Pre-Employment Screening

Make sure you are hiring the right person! You need to verify who you are hiring! Our pre employment screening process covers checks such as; prior worker's compensation claims, national, state, and county criminal records searches, credit reports, driving records, employment history, professional Licenses and education verification.


Pre-Marital Investigations

Marriage is a big step! It is a lifetime commitment! Make sure you know the truth! We are completely discreet.

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Record Searches

There are several reasons individuals and businesses alike utilize CIA, LLC to conduct their record searches, but the main reason is if the records are there, we can locate them. We will be able to determine if records exist, Locate and identify criminal, civil, bankruptcy, or anything associated with persons, places or things. We can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.


Secret Shopper

Our secret shopper service investigates customer service and employee honesty at your business. We will pose as a customer or client and determine if the employees are honest and helpful. One bad employee is all it takes to destroy your reputation. Have our secret shopper give you the details to make sound decisions regarding your businesses.

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Semen Testing.jpg

Semen Testing

We have the ability to test the smallest traces of seminal fluid on a number of different items such as undergarments, clothing, bed sheets, upholstery and many other items. Don't just keep guessing! If you just question them, they will deny it! Find out for sure!


Sexual Harassment

Investigations into matters of sexual harassment are delicate. You need to take action at the first sign of sexual harassment. Allegations of sexual harassment create emotional and complex situations for all parties involved. They result in long-lasting consequences for corporations and individuals. Investigations of this nature need to be conducted with sensitivity.

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Skip Tracing.jpg

Skip Tracing

There are several reasons individuals and businesses alike utilize CIA, LLC to conduct their skip tracing investigations. Most commonly, individuals and businesses have tried other means of locating someone without success. We have the means and know how to locate the individual.



Surveillance is one of the most common tasks private investigators conduct. CIA, LLC has the experience and expertise to effectively fulfill your all surveillance needs.

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Trademark Violations

Counterfeit products and intellectual property theft are the main reasons we conduct trademark violation investigations. Violations could result in loss of consumer confidence and diminished brand value. Don't be a victim anymore!


Trial Preparation

Trial preparation is essential to winning your case. We can assist and get you the Legal information needed to make the court process more efficient. Trial preparation consists of gathering raw data and materials and formulating them into a strategic plan. Some preparations include but are not limited to gathering/analyzing evidence, forensics, surveillance, witness preparation, investigative reports and background checks on witnesses and experts.

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Undercover Investigations

There are several reasons individuals and businesses alike utilize CIA, LLC to conduct their undercover investigations. CIA, LLC has the experience and know how to blend into any situation. Whether you are preparing for court, have already gone or want to find out what is going on when you are not around, we can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.


Witness Locates/Interviews

There are several reasons individuals and businesses alike utilize CIA, LLC to locate and/or interview witnesses. Interviews can be in any form to suit your individual needs, most common are written, audio and/or video form. We can locate witnesses and also formulate questions to assist you interviewing process. Whether you are going to court or have already gone we can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.

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Workers' Compensation

Worker's compensation fraud is one of the most common types of fraud being committed across the United States, costing Americans billions of dollars every year. Workers' compensation fraud occurs when employees misrepresent and/or manipulate facts in order to receive financial benefits they are not legally entitled to. There are several ways this takes place and in some cases are in collaboration with medical providers to benefit themselves. Don't let your company be a victim anymore.


Workplace Violence

It has been said that thousands of employees are harassed, intimidated, threatened and verbally or physically attacked every day. Sometimes leading to serious injuries or death! The violence cannot be overlooked. If it is not taken care of you and your company could be involved in a claim or lawsuit brought on by the employee or their families in response to the violent incident.

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