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"We get answers, you get closure!"


Private Investigators

Serving all of Kentucky

Confidential Investigative Agency, LLC is a full service, private investigation agency. We provide complete, intense, discrete private investigations to attorneys, corporations, and to the general public. We treat every case with integrity and discretion. Make us your choice for all your investigative needs.

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Why Choose Us:

If you are suspicious of someone's actions, or need background information for legal or hiring purposes, calling a private investigator is a wise choice. An internet background check is only superficial and that gut feeling needs hard evidence, it does not always cover the full spectrum of somebody's actions, or uncover events that have happened in the past. For instance, if someone wins a court case, the outcome may be that their record has been wiped clean on paper. Wiping somebody's record clean on paper does not change the past, nor does it take back the potentially hurtful actions they have committed. Further private investigative work may uncover a crucial fact that an internet background check overlooks.

Our Promise:

We have helped many people uncover evidence of cheating spouses. Dealing with a cheating spouse is a difficult, emotional event, full of doubt, heartbreak, and often time, lies. You don't want to believe that it could true, but something in your gut tells you your marriage isn't right. Trust your gut, but the facts with hard evidence.


Confidential Investigative Agency, LLC has helped many people discover cheating spouses, gain concrete evidence to make a case in court. When it comes to uncovering cheating spouses, trust the best private detectives in Kentucky.

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What We Offer:

CIA, LLC is a full-service detective agency who has helped thousands of clients, both professional and private individuals, to obtain the answers they need to manage their companies and their lives.”  Deciding which road to take, both in the corporate world and in our personal lives, requires answers that are sometimes not so easy to figure out.  That's where the experts at CIA, LLC can put their decades of experience into action for your resolution.  Once you reach out to us for a free consultation, you will be assigned one point of contact, Case Manager.  That will be your contact person throughout our investigation.  Although the techniques and strategies our investigators might employ, to get the answers you need, may sometimes be high-tech and state-of-the-art, your experience will hassle-free and Take a load off and get the answers you deserve.  Call and speak with one of our experts today!


Find out what our existing clients already know -  We get answers.  You get Closure!

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We are your premier private investigator, detective in  Kentucky. We leave no stone unturned.

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